For Our Horses

For your horse we provide excellent feed (Legends and Triple Crown) and quality hay from the northern states and from the Midwest.  We also carry Orchard Alfalfa mix and Timothy hay for all stall boarded horses.  Along with the great feed and hay your horse will receive beet pulp every morning along with its normal grain and warm bran mashes at least once a week. We also bran mash on days when the temperature is expected to drop or when you come home from a show or a long trip.

Castle Guard Stables will tailor feeding to your horses needs and plan a feeding regime that best suits your horse. Castle Guard Stables also provides a variety of turn out plans weather you’re looking for private, semi-private or group turn out either night or day in manicured grass filled paddocks that have superior fencing.

The beautiful main barn is well ventilated with 12×12 matted stalls with built in fans for summer time and 3 wash racks with hot and cold water.

Castle Guard Stables will always blanket, fly sheet, fly spray, mask and boot horses at your request and at no extra expense. Castle Guard Stables will schedule and hold Farrier visits and Veterinarian visits at no additonal expense.

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